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Q: How do I avoid or counter a bad hair day?
We’ve all had those days where we roll out of bed and realize our hair is just one big mess. And even if you’ve washed your hair the night before, it still looks blah. So how can you make sure your hair stays perfect all day? Here are some ways to avoid or overcome a bad hair day.

The REDS Answers


Damaged hair = Cranky Hair
If hair is damaged, look for the best salon-quality shampoo and conditioner you can afford. And be sure to use a leave-in conditioner after every wash. Coating hair with a leave-in conditioner takes protection and manageability to a whole new level. Be careful about what products you select for your hair. You should adapt your shampoo and conditioner to suit your own hair type.

When you wash your hair, take more time washing your scalp than the ends of your hair.
Hair ends don’t get as dirty as the scalp. The scalp can get oily and accumulate dead skin cells that need to come off. In addition, the scalp benefit from a massage, as it increases healthy circulation which helps the hair that’s developing in the follicles.

Too much conditioner or conditioner that isn’t thoroughly rinsed out can make hair go limp.
Using a shampoo that already contains conditioning agents and a conditioner on top of that can result in buildup on the hair, causing it to be heavy and lifeless.
A shampoo with minimal or no conditioning agents works the best. Use your conditioner only where you need it – at the ends, not necessarily all over or near the roots and scalp.

Ladies, braid or bun your hair. Men, style your hair.
Braids and buns – It is the hairstyle that involves all the hair till its ends. Having your hair braided will hide all the problems you have: dirt, grease etc. Other options would be to tie or bun up your hair.Put on a great-looking fabric hair band on top of that or use hair accessories thoughtfully. It helps hide the flaws and give a stylish touch to your look. Men are just as likely to experience bad hair days as women. For men, it’s easy. The classic bed-head look with the help of styling products should give you an edge to your look. If all fails, there’s always the hat or cap you can wear.

Q: I am tired of my hairstyle and I need a change. However, I’m worried my intended hairstyle will not suit me and I would feel uncomfortable in it.


This heavily depends on how adventurous you are. It can get pretty mundane sticking to the same style for many years so why not a change? Seek our professional stylists regarding your intended hairstyle.They will be able to provide you with their advice with their styling experience. After all, hair does grow back so there’s nothing to fret about!

Choose style over trend. Just because the a certain look is in style one season, it doesn’t mean that everyone will be able to pull it off. Our advice would be to go for hairstyles that suit your face and features instead.

Why should we care about our face shape? Hair is fashion. And in the fashion world, face shape is the baseline for professionals as it helps determine the most flattering cut, hairstyle and coloring. Did you know that the base face shape also is taken in consideration when deciding to add facial hair like beards, mustaches and even sideburns? Seek a professional stylist. They will be able to provide you with the best advice regarding your intended hairstyle, or recommend you an alternate hairstyle suited for your features and face-shape to choose from.