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Helps balance the PH level and strengthening of the hair before any application of chemicals.

Our in-salon post-perm care treatment helps prolong your newly permed hair with deep-conditioning.

Our in-store post-color treatment removes chemical residue and odour. It helps to prolong the shine of your newly colored hair while restoring moisture and vitality into your hair.

Our ammonia-free color treatment gives your hair a lustrous look by refreshing its previous color tone. This semi-permanent color gives your hair a healthy gloss that lasts between 6-8 weeks.

We use INOA (ammonia-free), Majirel and Diacolor dyes from L’Oreal Professionnel, guaranteeing the best protection for your hair during its coloring process, resulting in beautiful long-lasting coloring effects.

This technique removes the natural or unwanted color from the hair. It is often used on hair colours that are too dark to be lifted to the desired color. The technique must be repested multiple times to acheive an ash/whitish-blonde tone.

A good haircut can be brought out by highlights. It adds depth and movement, emphasising on the details of your haircut. Our technical application includes Foil Weaving, Cap Weaving or Board Weaving which is applied depending on the individual’s hairstyle

Lowlighting darkens unwanted/faded hair colours to natural shades. Alternatively lowlight to simply change your hair color. Our colour technicians create various types of color tone with techniques like Foil waving .