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The Rebonding Service , founded by REDS

Did you know that Rebonding, the internationally reknown hair straightening service was founded and branded by REDS?
Between 1999 – 2000, the team saw a need to formulate a longer-lasting straightening service which treated natural curls and stubborn frizz. We worked with reputable chemists in Gresham (Hong Kong) to improve on the ‘ionic perm lotion’ sourced from Japan, to produce the one of a kind Rebonding treatment exclusive at our salons. Shortly after, we tweaked the formula to create a second service we named Soft Rebonding, a gentler version of Rebonding because we saw a demand for a straightening service that produced more natural straightness than the original Rebinding formula. Finally, we went on to manufacture the world’s first Rebonding Shampoo and Conditioner for a complete home care routine in Septmeber 2000.